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Who we are


We are an organization made up of music teachers dedicated to helping other music teachers. Through programs designed to spark interest, answer questions, and give helpful advice as well as performance opportunities for all students throughout the year. If you are an instructor, join us for a meeting. There is no obligation to join, but we'd love to meet you.

Programs for Students


Throughout the year the OMTA presents opportunities for your students to perform, test, succeed and grow! From Music Artistry Program to the Sonata Festival as well as the Concerto Competition, students have several different ways to grow as musicians. Participation does not require membership, however members do get great discounts, and other perks!

Programs for Instructors


We are first and foremost an organization benefitting other music instructors such as you. Since our membership and leadership are all music teachers we have decades of experience and knowledge about the very business you are in. Each meeting we host a special guest who will speak on a topic related to our business and art. Come, listen, ask questions! We also enjoy talking with other instructors, so come in and make some new friends!

Volunteer Opportunities!


If you are a member, or are interested in becoming one, please be aware that we have a lot of opportunities for volunteers. Each of our special programs for students requires several positions to be filled, such as the coordinating chairperson, ushers, ticket takers, and attendance. We are also always interested in hearing from our creative members about other programs they might like to try.

Upright Piano

We’d love to hear from you!

PO Box 944, Olympia WA 98507

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