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2023 December Playathon
at Barnes & Noble

Saturday December 9th 9AM - 4PM

 Address: 1530 Black Lake Blvd SW, Olympia, WA 98502 
Note: Barnes & Noble policy is to only allow performances in a 4 hour window, so this year we are limiting sign-ups to 30 minutes per teacher to makes sure as many people get to participate as possible. 
Important Information For Teachers
  1. No copies of music allowed due to copyright issues. Please only have students play from original music
  2. Each teacher needs to submit a list of the pieces your students play that can be submitted to MTNA. These details will be updated before the event. 
About the event
Each December Pianova Piano Service brings an acoustic piano to a public location and local piano teachers have their students perform holiday music for the public!  It's a great way to promote piano playing to the community and it gives students a lower-stress venue to practice playing in front of others.  

We  will have a donation box for those who want to support our organization. Additionally, Barnes & Noble will donate a percentage of sales during our event to Olympia Music Teachers.  Please encourage everyone you know to come shop during our event - it really helps us out! 

Please note that each teacher needs to make sure the donation box is handed off to the next teacher. Amy Yang, OMTA Treasurer is the last time slot so she can take care of the donation box at the end of the day. 


Please sign up for 30 minute or one hour time slots. The  slots can be filled with as many students as you like. Please try to end in a timely fashion so that the next group can start on time. If we fill the available slots, we can add additional slots earlier or later.  Teachers may share a slot if they only have a few students. Some teachers have also played, which is great! Duets are encouraged.  

Any type of music is fine although holiday music is encouraged. Memorization is optional. 

Bring your business cards - who knows, you may pick up a new student! 


Please email me: if you would like to be added to the list. You can also call or text


9 - 10               Jennifer Bowman

10 -11:00        Sue Dick

11 -11:30        Maureen Johnson

11:30 - 12:30  Ramona Allen   

12:30 - 1          Sharon Crain

1 - 1:30            Jan Rowen Music

1:30 - 2            Pat Kilmer

2 - 3                 Catherine Behrenst

3 - 3:30            Jean Johansen-Kuehn

3:30 - 4            Amy Yang

4 - 4:15            Dilyara Oliver

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