Saturday November 20, 1PM - 5PM

Sunday November 21 2PM - 6PM 

Students perform one movement from a piano concerto.

2021 Concerto Competition Forms


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2020 Concerto Competition Winners

Elementary Division:


1st prize - Keegan Willoughby(Amy Yang)
2nd prize - Landon Allen(Ramona Allen)
3rd prize - Simone Meade(Pat Kilmer)
Honorable mentions: Linnea Allen(Ramona Allen), Audrey Liu(Amy Yang), David Park( Amy Yang)

Lower Intermediate Division
1st prize - Aidan Mui(Amy Yang)
2nd prize - Annabelle Park(Amy Yang)
3rd prize - Ila Velupula(Amy Yang)
Honorable mention: Lara Choi(Amy Yang)

Upper Intermediate Division:

1st prize - Maegan Shen(Amy Yang)
2nd prize - Ella Cao(Amy Yang)
3rd prize - Natalie Newton(Amy Yang)
Honorable mentions: Calvin Aldrich(Ramona Allen), Izayah Qiu(Amy Yang), Phoebe Goh(Amy Yang), Christine Zhang(Ramona Allen), Gracie Park(Amy Yang)

Advanced A Division:


1st prize - Gabriel Ong(Ramona Allen)
2nd prize - Titus Goh(Amy Yang)
3rd prize - Abigail Green(Amy Yang)
Honorable mentions: Audrey Shen(Amy Yang), Sky Lin(Ramona Allen)

Advanced B Division:

1st prize: Chloe Song(Ramona Allen)
2nd prize: Michael Zhao(Ramona Allen)
3rd prize: Anne Uhlmeyer(Amy Yang)
Honorable mention: Megan Lorich(Ramona Allen)



Students perform any piece appropriate to their level in a recital format.



Select students are invited to perform advanced pieces in a recital format

2021 Honors Recital

Maureen Johnson Honors Recital: Catherine Burnett, Honorable Mention: Cindy Wanyoike and Alan Penrose
Jennifer Bowman Honors Recital:  Kaloyan Menser, Ava Barr and Victoria Liu. Alternates: Sela Bell, Noelle Menser; and Honorable Mentions: John Ding, Andi Voetberg, Max Bunn, Elliana Lee, Karina Phan

Ramona Allen Honors Recital: Chloe Song, Gabriel Ong, Michael Zhao. Honorable Mention: Christine Zhang, Luke Miller, Sky Lin, Gavin Skoog, Calvin Aldrich, Lucas Allen, Max Desmond, Landon Allen, Linnea Allen, Megan Lorich, Judson Knoll

Amy Yang  Honors Recital: Natalie Newton, Ella Cao, Anne Uhlmeyer, Gurdit Kochhar
Honorable Mention: Annabelle Park, Keegan Willoughby, Titus Goh, Phoebe Goh, Jacob Kuczynski, Kim Luu, Audrey Liu, Izayah Qiu, Maegan Shen, Audrey Shen, Sahej Kochhar, Illa Velupula, Gracie Park

Cherie Felts Honors Recital: Lily Covey, Emmy Huttmann, Alissa Strandberg
Honorable Mention: Eleanor Hixon

Pat Kilmer Honors Recital: Leona Draude. Honorable Mention: Simone Meade

Sue Dick Honors Recital: Atticus Moreno



Students perform any piece appropriate to their level in a recital format.

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2021 Winners

Chloe Song (Ramona Allen) & Titus Goh (Amy Yang)


Gabriel Ong (Allen) & Ella Cao (Yang)

Honorable Mentions:  Calvin Aldrich (Allen), Michael Zhao (Allen), Anne Uhlmeyer (Yang), Kim Luu (Yang)