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2 Great Presentations Back-to-Back!

Our October meeting will feature 2 great presentations: "Tips on Returning to In-Person Music Lessons During the Pandemic" by OMTA Dennis Williams (piano and vocal), and "How Musicians Can Play Their Instruments to Avoid Injuries" with Physical Therapist Nancy Sladek.

Date and Time: Tuesday October 13th at 10:30 AM

Dennis Williams will be discussing how he has opened his studio to in-person teaching. He will cover safety measures he has put in place following local, CDC, NATS & MNTA recommendations. Dennis will also talk about his study of the published science and his discussion with local doctors and health care officials.

Physical therapist, Nancy Sladek, will share the presentation time with Dennis. She will give tips on how teachers - and students – can help prevent back strain while spending so much time these days at the keyboard, both piano and computer!

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