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Succeeding at the Business of Teaching Music with Joey Archer, Founder of Jammin' Music Studios

February 9th at 10:30 AM

Teaching music is such an important but obvious part of what we do as music instructors. This part is often why we became teachers. We enjoy helping others, and we love music. What I want to talk about is the business of teaching music. What can we do to not only succeed at teaching but also to thrive in it. Having a full schedule is possible. Having so many students you need a waiting list is possible. I’m going to share what we do at our studio and how you can apply those concepts to your own teaching studios.

Joey Archer’s life has revolved around music since he was a child. Studying trombone and bass in High School, he graduated with the nationally recognized John Phillip Sousa Award and the National Choral Award. Joey has continued to pursue a career in music both as a performer and an instructor. He has played in various musical genres including musical theater, studio recording and live performances. He also has toured nationally and internationally with Times Two Ministries.

Joey’s passion to help each student succeed is evident in his “down to earth” teaching style. This has led to his current teaching schedule of over 100 lessons a week! Students and their parents have described him as patient, encouraging, motivating, a good mentor, and helpful. In 2007, his desire to help others took on new meaning when he opened Jammin’ Music Studios. In just a few years it grew from just him to over 15 instructors teaching 500+ lessons a week. His focus as an instructor is to teach the fundamentals while helping his students learn to play the music they like. Proper technique, note reading, classical music theory, ear training and how to play with others are woven into the instruction.

Joey and his wife Beth have two beautiful daughters, Aliyah and Piper. When not playing or teaching music Joey enjoys technology (gadgets, computers, smartphones, etc) and time with his family. On guitar his musical influences and tastes include but are not limited to Dave Matthews Band, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Chris Tomlin, the Beatles, the Civil Wars, Needtobreathe, Matt Redman, Jim Croce and Kansas. On bass they include Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Adam Nitti, Abraham Laboriel, Carol Kaye and Billy Sheehan.

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