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"How We Learn and Thrive!" With Erica Hollen

Date: Tuesday November 12

Knowing how you learn and understanding how your students think and learn helps tremendously in making meaningful musical choices for repertoire and giving your student the practice “tools” to enable them succeed in their musical endeavors and life too!


Erica Hollen, an MTNA member for over 25 years, is an animated piano teacher who loves seeing her students “catch” the joy of music. She loves discovering the key that unlocks a student’s potential and develop their craft.

Erica has played in numerous musical pit orchestras, with the Grays Harbor Symphony, showcased her own compositions in both private concerts and the Grays Harbor MTA’s Scholarship Concert “Musicale,’ She also sings some of her original worship music with her church’s worship team which she mentors.

Several of her students have played in MTNA State Honors Recitals and have continued in their studies at the collegiate level. One is composing and playing his own music at local coffee shops and she’s accompanied him in a Young Artist Showcase. Erica homeschooled her three sons who’ve each developed their musical skills differently: musical theater, guitar and piano. She’s been a member of three WSMTA chapters including Olympia in the late 90s and is, therefore, looking forward to contributing to the Oly Chapter again!

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