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Jennifer Bowman: Technology, Music Publishing and More!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Date: Tuesday September 8th at 10:30 AM

OMTA Member Jennifer Bowman talks about how technology has helped make it possible to publish sheet music, record music, and create music with virtual instruments from your own home studio.  Jennifer will briefly talk about a few of her personal projects as well as different aspects of the wide world of the music business.   She would primarily like this session to be Q and A with fellow OMTA members in order to touch on the areas that would be of most interest to you and your students.

About Jennifer Bowman:

From "I am a pianist, educator and creator.  I have collaborated with other musicians since I was 10 years old and have experienced a multi-faceted career of teaching, performing, composing and business.

"I started piano lessons at the age of 6 and have played ever since!  I studied music at Whitman College, Northern Illinois University, University of Minnesota and The Juilliard School.

"I teach piano out of my home,

"I collaborate/perform in various musical genres with a wide variety of musicians (singers/instrumentalists)–from young ones just starting out, to colleagues I have worked with for years.

"I write and arrange music.

"I create educational materials both for the classroom and individuals.

"I volunteer at local retirement communities and elementary schools on a regular basis and bring different generations together through music.

Topics covered in Jennifer's Presentation. Click HERE for a printable PDF version

Recording Hardware

• Voice memos or other app on phone

• Using internal microphone on iPad or computer

• USB mic (Blue Yeti, snowball, Shure, etc)

• Condenser microphones (need audio interface)

• Audio interface (Presonus, Focusrite)

Music Production Software “DAW” Digital Audio Workstation

• Garageband

• LogicProX

• ProTools

• Ableton Live

• Reason

• FL Studio

• Cubase

• Cakewalk

Virtual Instruments—learning to play a NEW instrument


• Sampled instrument libraries (Spitfire, EastWest, Vienna Strings, etc)

• You can do all sorts of things to the MIDI instruments to make them sound more realistic (volume, vibrato, etc.)

Music Notation

• Finale (Make Music)

• Sibelius

• Other free ones (Musescore, noteflight, etc.)

• Elaine Gould “Beyond Bars”—great reference book

Sheet Music Distribution

• Do it yourself on your own website (Easy Digital Downloads)

• Print out your own sheet music and mail out

• Upload PDF to Sheet Music Plus

• Important: If you are doing a cover or arrangement of music that is not public domain, you need to purchase a license.

Music Distribution (these companies submit your music to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Music, etc.)

• Distrokid

• CDBaby

• Tunecore

• Many others


• Create your own YouTube channel

• Upload videos—you can create these with whatever movie editing software you have. I use iMovie.

• Film your videos using whatever you like. I use my phone on 4G

Learning about software/hardware

• YouTube videos

• Manufacturer websites

• Purchase courses on sites like Udemy

Music jobs

• Music editors

• Composers

• Music supervisors

• Music library owners

• Arrangers

• Curators

• Music producers

• Recording engineers

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